Lisnadill Primary School 

Excellence in Education

School Hours 

 P1  -  P2
 8.45 am  -  12.15 pm
 1.15 pm  -  1.45 pm
 8.45 am  -  12.15 pm
 1.15 pm  -  3.00 pm     Monday & Tuesday
 1.15 pm  -  1.45 pm     Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
 P4  -  P7
 8.50 am  -  12.15 pm
 1.15 pm  -  3.00 pm


The School operates a Breakfast Club from 7.30am to 8.15am. Children arriving between these times will be supervised and receive a healthy breakfast of Cereal and Toast. There is a charge of £2 per child.

Children not attending Breakfast club my not arrive before 8.15am.

It is important that the children are collected promptly at the end of the school day.  In the case of infant classes this will be 1.45pm as teachers are timetabled for afternoon classes.

All pupils not engaged in school organised activities should be collected as soon after 3.00pm as possible and not later that 3.15pm.


We also offer an After School Kids Club (two sessions per day)

Session 1:         

1.45pm  -  3.00pm    Monday -> Friday  for P1 - P3 children  

(Cost £2 per session)

Session 2:  
3.00pm  -  4.00pm    Monday -> Thursday  for P1 - P7 children 
(Cost £2 per session)
(Second session does NOT OPERATE ON FRIDAY)