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Lisnadill Primary School, Armagh


We are always looking for new ideas and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings to see what we are planning, or if you are interested in getting in involved in any way, just talk to any of the committee or make contact through the school office.

Who are the PTA?

We are parents with children who attend Lisnadill Primary School and we volunteer our time throughout the year to holding fundraising events.  Some of us volunteer on a regular basis at every event and some of us volunteer time when we are not working or have spare time to help out once or twice throughout the year.

Committee Members are:

Wendy Hall, Grieg Savage, Clare Speers, Alison Starrett, Rachel Crozier, Norma Broomfield, Megan Morton, Ellie Morton, Julianne Keys, Julie McMahon, Rhonda Powell, Diane McMahon 

What do we do? 

We hold events throughout the year that the children or parents can enjoy and participate in.

What are the funds used for?

Any monies raised are used to enhance the children's school environment by providing items that are not covered by the school budget.  Past purchases include a Defribrillator for use by the school and the local community and a closed-in sandpit for the children to enjoy.  More recently all classrooms received new interactive touch screen panels and a number of ipads.

Who can join us?

Any parent can and you'd be most welcome, you could join us as a committee member or for a one off event on a no obligation basis.  As parents we are all automatically PTA members.  We do have a list of members who cannot attend meetings but leave us their contact numbers and they help out for an hour or so at each event.

Who benefits from our work?

Ultimately the children do, they get to enjoy the events as they happen and the funds raised filter back to school to enhance the environment for them.

How do we decide what the funds raised are spent on?

We listen to what the children are saying through their class representatives on the school council and to the parents who speak to us at events, we also listen the views of staff if they feel there is something in particular that would benefit the children within school.

If you feel you would like to be more involved with the PTA or if you have a particular skill or service that you feel may help us with an event please contact us by either phoning the school or use the form below.  Thank you.


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